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Understanding Zipper Slider Types

Posted: 8/6/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

Much like zipper chain, zipper slides are one of the most common and versatile products in the textile component industry. Zipper chain and slides can be found on everything from apparel to outdoor furniture.

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Popular Zipper Slider and Zipper Pull Types

Zipper sliders and pulls are available in various combinations - popular options being non-locking, semi-automatic, or no-pull sliders with standard or big pulls. Each combination has its own strength and weaknesses, below is a quick overview of the different types of sliders and pulls.


  • Non-Lock sliders are the standard slider in the marketplace. These are widely popular in everyday goods and are especially found on bags, luggage, outdoor products, and upholstery coverings
  • Semi-automatic sliders are very popular among apparel manufacturers and the locking pull allows for the slide to be locked by lowering the pull onto of the slide
  • Reversible sliders have a "U" shaped area the pull attaches to, this "U" shape allows for the pull to move 180 degrees over the slide and be utilized; popular with tent and sleeping bag applications
  • No-pull sliders are almost identical in operation to non-locking sliders, but these sliders do not come with an accompanying pull; making them ideal for tactical applications


  • Standard Pulls, much like non-locking sliders, these pulls are widely used in everyday goods; this is your typical standard pull
  • Big Pulls have a larger plastic covering over the metal pull tab which allows for easier zipping/unzipping of the chain; commonly found on luggage applications

DirecTex Item Availability

DirecTex stocks non-locking and reversible sliders with standard pulls in zipper chain sizes #5, #8, and #10. Our SLD - Standard Slider is ideal for bag, backpack, and luggage assemblies.

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Custom Ordering Variations

DirecTex has sourcing options which can provide various non-stocked items and custom produced items upon request.

These non-stocked items* include:

SLD-10N-BLK-BIG PULL #10 non-locking slider w/ big pull - black REQUEST QUOTE
SLD-10N-COYTAN-EN #10 non-locking slider w/ standard pull - coyote tan REQUEST QUOTE
SLD-10N-SPBRN-EN #10 non-locking slider w/ standard pull - special brown REQUEST QUOTE

* - item availability subject to change without notice


Does your business require 'berry compliant zipper' or 'berry compliant sliders'? Much like our non-stock sourcing options, DirecTex has sourcing partners which offer Berry Compliant zipper sliders and pulls. Learn more about our Berry Compliant options

DirecTex offers low-cost wholesale pricing to business and government agencies. Contact DirecTex to learn more about our product lines. DirecTex specializes in custom manufactured components and subassemblies for your projects.

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