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Understanding Zipper Chain Types

Posted: 7/30/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

Zipper chain is one of the most common textile products on the market and can be found on everything from boat cushions to gym bags. While the design is simple, the possibilities of zippers are endless.

Finding the Right Zipper Style

Zippers, also called zipper chain, are widely available in five different styles:

  • Metal zippers have metal teeth, usually made from nickel, brass, or aluminum; commonly found on jeans
  • Plastic molded zippers are very similar to metal zippers except the teeth are made from extruded plastic
  • Separating zippers have separating teeth; once installed the teeth can completely separate; commonly found on coats and sweatshirts
  • Invisible zippers are lightweight and covered by a piece of fabric when fully closed; commonly found on dresses and skirts
  • Coil zippers are constructed of nylon extruded teeth and polyester tape; commonly found on luggage and tote bags

Coil zippers are the most popular and widely versatile of the above zipper styles due to their flexibility and availability in numerous sizes. Coil zippers are also lightweight, heat resistant, rust proof, and UV resistant; making them the perfect fastener for outdoor products.

Finding the Right Coil Zipper Size

Zipper chain is sold with a designated number, referring to the width of the zipper teeth in millimeters. The most common zipper and slide width is #4 (4mm) and #5 (5mm). DirecTex stocks coil zipper chain with sizes of #5, #8, and #10.

As shown in the above diagram, the width of zipper chain is measured by the outermost edge of the teeth. This is a handy reference if you are trying to match or recreate an existing zipper chain.

Standard vs Enamel Coated Coil Zipper

DirecTex offers a wide selection of zipper coil chain; starting with an industry standard Coil Zipper Chain: CC. Our standard coil zipper chain is stocked in black or special brown and is available in zipper size #5, #8, and #10. Minimum order yardage begins at 150 yards. Perfect for use in luggage, athletic bags, and outdoor applications.

Needing colored zipper for promotional products or colored bags? DirecTex's Enamel Coated Coil Zipper: CCT is the perfect pairing for your advertising specialty products. Stocked colors included White, Natural, Black, Navy, Royal Blue, Purple, Maroon, Red, and Foliage Green. Enamel coated zipper coil is stocked in #5 zipper size.

Looking for more information on our selection of zipper chain? Contact our DirecTex Customer Service.

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