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With feet on the ground on both sides of the manufacturing process, DirecTex is poised to deliver your custom manufactured components on time and on budget. Bring us your ideas or drawings and we’ll walk you through the options and decisions to get the best cost and quality. Whatever end-product you’re making, you need to know the components will fit your application and reflect your brand. Partner with DirecTex and get that confidence.

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DirecTex has an on-site textile lab for testing and quality control which included a Gurley, Laundrometer, Spectrum Light Box, 30,000 pound break machine and a textile testing oven. Testing is done daily on new and existing products to ensure that DirecTex maintains a consistent level of quality our customers have come to expect.

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DirecTex has an experienced staff of engineers, graphic designers and vendors to help you develop your custom packaging to promote your company’s brand. Let DirecTex bring your brand full-circle through our custom product design and packaging. DirecTex expertise will get your company from concept to creation to market.

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Allow Directex to stock all your manufacturing components for you. Our Inventory Stocking Program will improve your cash flow, reduce your warehousing, and streamline your production.

Our extensive product knowledge, import capacity, & strong vendor relationships will ensure that your goods are available for your just-in-time stocking needs. Talk to your customer service representative today about your production forecast and together we can devise a stocking strategy to fulfill your production. All of our Distribution facilities are constantly replenished with stock to ensure our customers’ production schedules. DirecTex’s multiple distribution centers reduce shipping costs and lead times for your inventory needs.

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DirecTex provides the following services based on specific customer needs. Please call your customer service representative to discuss your projects exact requirements.

  • Laminating
  • Material Slitting and Re- Rolling
  • Custom Cut Pieces
  • Assembly of Items

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DirecSource provides complete access to a diverse network of material suppliers and manufacturers in China. Through DirecSource we offer Turnkey Solutions which address the complete range of Supply Chain Optimization.

  • Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Diverse Independent Network
  • Comprehensive Project Oversight
  • Complete Quality Control

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