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Hook and Loop for Orthotics and Prosthetics

Posted: 10/8/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

Orthotics and prosthetics make up a sizable portion of the textile component industry. With applications ranging from artificial prosthetics to wrist braces, the materials used must not only be durable but also flexible and comfortable for the end users.

What are Orthotics and Prosthetics?

Orthotics and prosthetics consists of various medical items which help an injured individual heal from injury or provide them with artificial limbs. Examples of orthotics include leg braces, knee braces, wrist braces, shoe insoles, and other support-providing items. Common prosthetics include artificial arms, legs, knees, and hands.

Uses of Textile Components in Medical Applications

Textile components are used in various applications across the medical field. With end products of everything from patient compression apparel to securing patient charts, component usages range from disposable items to long-term multi-use items.

End product examples which use DirecTex components include:

  • Fabric and elastic for flexible compression support
  • Sew-on hook and loop fasteners for rigid leg and knee braces
  • Webbing for strapping and securing orthotics
  • Adhesive hook and loop fasteners for securing items in hospital rooms

Partnering with DirecTex

DirecTex offers its customers the advantage on One-Stop Ordering. Since DirecTex stocks the major textile component product categories of fabric, hook and loop fasteners, narrow webbing, metal and plastic components, industrial thread, and zipper chain and sliders; we offer our customers the ability to consolidate shipping and have needed items sent in one, on-time, shipment instead of multiple shipments from multiple suppliers. Does your company have a proprietary piece which needs Sourcing? DirecTex can help.

Available Products for Medical Applications

We have identified our products medical orthotic and prosthetic manufacturers regularly purchase for their end products. These products have been sorted into our 'Medical Component' application category: Medical Components.

Are you looking for a specific medical hardware piece? Look through our Metal Hardware section entitled 'Medical Hardware' to view our stocked items which are commonly purchased by Medical industry manufacturers: Medical Hardware.

DirecTex offers low-cost wholesale pricing to business and government agencies. Contact DirecTex to learn more about our product lines. DirecTex specializes in custom manufactured components and subassemblies for your projects.

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