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Tent & Awning Manufacturers get One-Stop Ordering with DirecTex

Posted: 6/29/2015


A common challenge facing the Tent and Awning industry is finding a reliable supplier that not only understands the diverse conditions that Tent and Awning products must withstand, but can supply the quality of materials needed to meet these challenges. And let’s not forget that supplier has to maintain inventory for the variety of fabric and components you need to keep production moving.

How DirecTex became a One-Stop Tent & Awning Component Supplier:


The mainstay of the tent and awning industry is the fabric. Of course applications that will be outside should consider the elements, especially sun and rain. But while those exposures are important, protecting from other outdoor elements and the issue of fire resistance may also be a consideration in these applications. For the last 25 years, DirecTex has been expanding our line Fabrics. We now supply several fabrics that fit these outdoor-use specifications: 68500 is 500 Denier Polyester with UV and FR, Spectralocâ„¢ is a rugged 600 Denier Solution Dyed Polyester which is also mildew resistant,

DirecTex’s Supreme 18 or 13 oz. vinyl are good options as they offer UV protection and FR (fire resistance).


Quality metal hardware components are key to a successful production and assembly of tent and awnings. So we’ve been expanding our WireWright Metal Hardware line to help Tent & Awning Manufacturers create virtually any configuration. For example, there are many metal finishes and materials that will resist rust, the enemy of all outdoor applications, so over the years we added more and more options. Nickel or zinc plating, stainless steel and solid brass are just a few of the options that will keep your hardware working and rust free. Additionally it is not just the finishes but the selection of actual parts. Snap hooks, slides, spring snaps, d-rings, o-rings, tie-down stakes, t-buckles, ladder locks and more are all metal components that are used in tent/awning manufacturing or assembly. It is critical to know what part and in what finish you need, or to have a supplier who is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry to help direct or offer suggestions for alternative solutions.


Webbing is used in large quantities for tent/awning production. It is vital to know how each type of webbing will withstand the environment that finished products will encounter. Polypropylene is usually the webbing of choice because of its UV protection, mildew resistance, will not absorb water, and will not bleed when exposed to water. With the continuous expansion of our D-Web brand we've got you covered. For information about nylon and polypropylene webbing check out our Webbing Material Selection Guide.


Other significant pieces to tent/awning production are: thread, hook/loop, plastic hardware and zipper. Knowing that a product is only as good as it’s weakest component, these details may be smaller but are no less important.


The essential element is to have vendor partners that can supply all these components at first quality, in the right quantity and with expert knowledge. DirecTex carries all these items, has the inventory and has the 100 years of combined experience.

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