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Tactical Products - Know the Difference: Commercial Use vs Berry Compliant

Posted: 3/2/2017

By: Collin Barnwell

Our customers might request that a product be defined as Mil-Spec or Military Specification. This requested specification tells our staff two things about the product:

  1. Mil Spec items are generally are made with a higher construction count and higher tenacity yarn that allow the product to perform at a high level, often times higher than a commercial version item
  2. Most often Armed Forces or Department of Defense contracts require Mil Spec Products

DirecTex’s Pro Force Tactical™ product line offers compliant product for one, or both, of these needs.

Commercial Use

Pro Force Tacticalâ„¢ offers a complete line of Commercial Use Mil-Spec products. Our Pro Force Tacticalâ„¢ commercial use products offer the specifications of Mil-Spec items, but at a cost effective price. Pro Force Tacticalâ„¢ offers everything from webbing and fabric to metal and plastic hardware in commercial volumes. Some of our most popular products include:

To view more Commercial Use Mil-Spec product click here

Berry Compliant

Berry Compliant products are products which have been made in the United States from raw materials sourced within the United States.

DirecTex offers a complete line of Berry Compliant materials. With access to domestically sourced webbing and plastic hardware and warehouse locations across the United States, DirecTex offers the diverse products selection you need at an affordable price. Popular Berry Compliant products we source include:

  • MIL-PRF-5038 type III
  • MIL-W-17337
  • A-A-55301
  • Cords and Elastic items
  • Zipper and Continuous Chain
  • Various plastic hardware

To learn about the availability of Berry Compliant products email our Customer Service Department.

DirecTex has been supplying government-contractors since 1991.

Get in touch and we’ll lend our experience to your next project.

We encourage you to take a look at our Pro Force Tacticalâ„¢ products.

Even if you do not see your product we have the accessibility to source Berry Compliant products and offer custom manufacturing for Commercial Use items.

Check out our selection of Tactical Closeouts here!

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