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Product Spotlight: Spectraloc AC

Posted: 9/11/2017

By: Collin Barnwell

Any manufacturers who create products for outdoor living understands that their customers will encounter the harshest weather conditions mother nature has to offer. When harsh weather arrives, your end users will appreciate the high quality Spectralocâ„¢ AC acrylic fabric used in your products.


Spectraloc™ has long been a family of outdoor fabrics that stands up to the sun and rain and doesn’t waver. Now the newest addition to the family, Spectraloc™ AC , offers 9 oz acrylic fabrics engineered to directly meet the rigorous outdoor environment head on.

Spectralocâ„¢ AC acrylic fabric can withstand the harsh sun while providing years of service. Available In a variety of colors, Spectralocâ„¢ AC is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Our acrylic vinyl comes with a 5 year No-Fade warranty and is ideal for all outdoor, or marine, upholstery applications.

Have a question? Contact [email protected] and ask about Spectralocâ„¢ AC.

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