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Injection Molded Plastics: What you Need to Know

Posted: 8/20/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

Hundreds of manufacturers across the nation utilize injection molded plastics, and more specifically plastic side release buckles, in their supply chain. In everyday products, ranging from backpacks to pet collars, injection molded plastics are used and have become a common commodity part for manufacturers.

Injection Molded Manufacturing Process

While injection molding can be a time-consuming process to start with, design work and mold tooling, the process has several advantages when scaled. Injection molding is a simple process in which molten plastic material is injected into a series of runners, guiding the material into the desired slot and shape. Runners are a series of channels inside the mold providing the molten material a pathway to the final chamber.

Injection molding provides a middle of the road and effective way to product several of the identical or similar pieces. CNC Machining is another popular tooling method for plastic components, but produces a large amount of waste in material shavings. 3D Printing is another popular component manufacturing process, but lacks in speed and efficiency.

Popular Types of Plastic Material

The plastic material used when producing injection molded components is almost as important as the design itself. Different materials offer different levels of chemical resistance, UV resistance, creep resistance, impact resistance, and tensile strength. Below lists some of the popular injection molded materials used in the marketplace today.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Adheres well to metal coatings - used in industries ranging from automotive to plumbing Limited weathering resistance, relatively high cost, and flammable with high smoke generation
Polyethylene (HDPE / LDPE) Very versatile in application - high level ductility, tensile strength, impact resistance, and resistance to moisture Should not be used in harsh weather or high-temperature applications
Acetal Highly common material used widely in household applications - offers excellent surface lubricity and high creep* resistance Should not be used for applications in high heat environments

* - creep is the tendency of a solid material to slowly move or deform under the influence of mechanical stresses.

Popular Types of Side Release Buckles

Side release buckles are available in a variety of styles and variations, each with their own standard uses. Below are the styles which are popular with DirecTex manufacturers.

Style Characteristics Common Uses Related SKUs
Adjustable Contains molded teeth on inside of slide used for tension securing webbing luggage and bags, life jackets WM130
Contoured Molded with a slight curve, or contour, to the buckle pet collars WM106

DirecTex Available Inventory

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