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How To Identify What Type of Webbing You Have

Posted: 4/3/2015


Every once in a while you'll get a piece of webbing where you are just not sure what it is.

There are 3 tests you can perform in-house to help you identify what your webbing sample is.

The best part is they are easy, quick and free.

The Float Test

Take a piece of the webbing in question and place it in a container of water.

Polypropylene – floats

Nylon – sinks

Polyester – sinks

The Burn Test

Light a piece of the webbing on fire (carefully!). While in flame observe for the following signs:

Nylon – White Smoke

Polyester – Blackish Smoke

Polypropylene – Shrinks and burns

The Smoke Smell Test

After extinguishing the webbing smell the smoke.

Nylon – Celery-like, fishy odor

Polyester – Oily sooty odor faintly sweet, like sealing wax

Polypropylene – Burning asphalt or paraffin wax

These test are easy to perform and will allow you to identify or at least narrow down your webbing search.

If you need more technical information such as break strength DirecTex has an on-site lab to perform more in-depth tests.

If after performing these simple test you still unsure or need assistance you can always submit a sample of the webbing to DirecTex and we will be glad to identify for you.

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