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Hurricane Season is Here

Posted: 7/3/2017

By: Collin Barnwell

Hurricane season (June 1st- November 30th) is here and it is time to evaluate your inventory of monofilament webbing and barricade tape; in addition to metal hardware and stakes and webbing for strapping.

Monofilament webbing is a cost effective product used by orchards and landscaping companies to reinforce trees to keep them upright during strong winds. Barricade tape is used by safety professionals to restrict access to a location. To read more about hurricane preparedness, check out Hurricanes -

Stocked in various widths and several different roll sizes, DirecTex's monofilament webbing and barricade tape work in tandem for professional of agriculture and safety-focused industries. Monofilament webbing is not only restricted for use in orchards. Monofilament webbing is also used year-round as a binding or edging for netting and trampolines, among other products.

The colors on barricade tape have an important significance outside of ensuring the visibility of the tape. Barricade tape colors are assigned by OSHA and are as follows:

  • Red/White: Fire Prevention and Protection Equipment
  • Black/White: Housekeeping and Aisle Marking
  • Magenta/Yellow: Radiation Hazards
  • Green/White: Safety and First Aid
  • Blue/White: Defective Machinery
  • Orange/White: Traffic and Caution Warnings
  • Black/Yellow: Physical Hazards

DirecTex also stocks various nylon and polypropylene webbings plus metal hardware, all of which is used for tie-downs and ratchet straps.

Be aware of how your metal’s strength is affected by elements and strain, check out Choosing Hardware for Tent and Tarp Tie-downs to make sure you choose the right metal hardware

Still needing more information on monofilament webbing of barricade tape? Send us an email and we’ll be glad to help!

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