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Custom Component Manufacturing

Posted: 1/8/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

DirecTex has the knowledge and experience to take your drawing or idea and make it into a reality.

Our custom hardware manufacturing program is used by hundred of manufactures across the United States for their proprietary and custom products. Starting with either a CAD drawing, a pen and paper drawing, or just an idea; let a DirecTex representative guide you through our 3-Step custom manufacturing process.

Using a current component but it isn’t quite right? Let a DirecTex representative take your component to the drawing board and customize so it fits your needs.

First Step

Our custom hardware manufacturing process begins by taking a drawing, or sample, of your product and submitting it to one of our offshore vendors allowing us to source and quote the materials needed. At this moment, discussions on the Minimum Order Quantities will take place between you and your representative. Our offshore sources are not limited to the materials you may see on our website and they are not limited to our specialty areas of webbing, plastic, or metal hardware.

Second Step

After we source and quote the materials we need to finalize the design. Your DirecTex representative will take your design, or sample, and create/recreate the component based upon your desired specifications. We have the resources and capabilities to create/recreate almost any component part, regardless of size. Once the sample is approved, DirecTex will begin to manufacture the agree upon number of units. If the sample is not approved, your DirecTex representative will contact our Sourcing department and our offshore vendors and the desired changes will be made.

Third Step

Once manufacturing begins, your DirecTex representative will stay in contact with you regarding any updates or changes which may occur. The largest pitfall which affects manufacturing of products is Chinese New Year. See how Chinese New Year affects manufacturing in this 2017 article. Once your product has shipped, unless stated otherwise; your custom component will arrive to our Commerce, California warehouse where it will be shipped direct to you in a short time. We do offer direct shipping from our offshore vendor, speak with your DirecTex representative to find out more. DirecTex also offers Custom Packaging for your product(s).

Our custom hardware manufacturing is a popular process and one that is available to every customer, product MOQs do apply. To learn more about custom manufacturing ask our Customer Service department.

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