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Product Spotlight: Ballistic Fabric

Posted: 9/4/2018

By: Collin Barnwell

Introduced by DuPont in the mid-1900's, as the primary covering for flak jackets and aircraft coverings during WWII and Vietnam War, ballistic fabric was retired from military applications in the 1970's when lighter weight Kevlar and ceramic plates offered higher levels of ballistic protection. Ballistic fabric has been a staple of the commercial textile industry since the late-70's as a component textile for bag and luggage manufacturers.

Ballistic fabric is unique in its construction, consisting of a high tenacity and multifilament yarn; woven with a 2x2 basket weave - commonly called 'ballistic weave.' Ballistic fabric denier can vary depending on the supplier, but the most common deniers are 840 and 1680.

840-denier vs 1680-denier

Fabric Characteristics Popular Applications
840-denier lightweight fabric, more flexible applications Luggage, bag bases, motorcycle jackets
1680-denier heavyweight fabric, more rigid applications Outdoor pack coverings, firearm cases, tactical vests

Available Inventory

DirecTex stocks a great selection of high-quality ballistic fabric in various deniers, materials, and coatings.

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