Custom Manufactured Fabrics

In addition to our line of stocked Polyester, Nylon, Vinyl, and Mesh Fabrics; we offer our customers the capability of manufacturing and stocking custom fabrics - with various coatings or finishes and available in a range of materials and weights.

Our stocked fabrics are very popular with manufactures and come with a variety of coatings - View our stocked pairings here.

Below is a list of custom coatings and finishes we have prepared for different customers over the years.

  • List of custom coatings and finishes:
  • UV Treatments - helps synthetic fabrics last longer in sunlight to resist fading
  • FR Treatments - allows synthetic fabrics to meet various Fire Code requirements
  • Laminates - waterproof and breathable coatings
  • Water Resistant - DWR and teflon coatings
  • Printing - PFP fabrics or pre-printed screen, transfer, or digital printing on a substrate

While these products may not be available for our resell, below is a selection of custom fabrics we have produced. These fabrics have specific construction, materials, or weights; which showcases our ability to recreate goods to the most precise specification.

Custom fabric materials:

  • Robic – high performance nylon fabrics
  • Fleece – polyester pile fabrics
  • Neoprene – CR, SBR, rubber sheets
  • Spandex – polyester and nylon spandex fabrics
  • Print Media – vinyl, woven and knit fabrics

Interested in learning more about our 'custom manufactured fabrics'?

Email us at [email protected] or give our Customer Service Department a call at (888) 711-3297.

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