Buyer's Guide for Wholesale Fabric

Unsure what fabric needs to be used with your application? Yaw Liamy Wholesale Fabric is DirecTex’s line of industrial and performance fabrics with a variety of finishes, coatings, and laminates used in industrial, home and commercial applications. We have a sizable inventory of stock fabric and we can customize any fabric for your needs. Below are some of the applications where you can find Yaw Liamy being used.

Pet/Equestrian Accessory Applications

Pet accessories, ranging from pet beds to leashes and collars; even equestrian blankets and saddle pads, are a common use for our products.

  • Padded Mesh is perfect for use in equestrian blankets and saddle padding
  • 67210 is ideal for the lining of pet beds or carriers

Looking for that perfect webbing for your pet leash? Check out DirecTex’s line of D-Web webbing!

Bag/Backpack Applications

Bag/Backpack manufacturing can be a tough operation, so you better have the right materials. High strength, well constructed, and easily sewable fabrics are key attributes to Yaw Liamy’s line of fabrics.

  • Dynamite is our 1000 denier, high quality fabric and is perfect for making high end bags and rugged backpacks
  • Packcloth is ideal for the lining of bags, luggage, and backpacks
  • Lazer 600 denier polyester is perfect for manufacturing luggage and bags where flexibility is key

Outdoor Applications

Looking for outdoor fabric to use that will withstand the elements and ensures sustainability for your product? Yaw Liamy’s line of Spectraloc fabric is the answer you are looking for!

Spectraloc is avalible in:

If you still have questions or are unsure of what style fabric works for your application email us at [email protected] or give our Customer Service Department a call at (888) 711-3297.

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