Buyer's Guide to Titan Plastic

DirecTex offers a selection of jet-molded plastic component parts. From buckles to snaphooks and ladderlocks, rings and loops, cord pulls and locks, and even shoulder straps and rubber handles; Titan Plastic is your go-to brand of choice for top-quality plastic hardware. Titan buckles and plastic components deliver durability and excellent performance at a cost-effective price. Custom products and sizes are available.

Titan Plastic is commonly used in pet accessory assembly, production of backpacks and luggage, tent manufacturing, and medical brace production. Below is a small selection of our most popular items.

Our complete Titan Plastic line can be seen here.

Side Release Buckles

The Titan plastic selection of side release buckles offers many styles from: standard, contoured/curved; to wide, narrow, or tuck. These buckles are perfect for pet supply, bag and backpack production, and medical items.

Snaphooks and Ladderlocks

Titan plastic snaphooks and ladder locks are available in heavy duty, standard, swivel and non swivel. These products are widely used in bag and luggage production and used in tandem with D-Web Webbing.

Rings, Slides, and Loops

DirecTex’s selection of Titan rings, slides, and loops provides a durable acetal plastic anchor point to your product. Used in apparel manufacturing, backpack products, and pet accessory assembly.

If you still have questions or are unsure of which Titan product will work best for your application email us at [email protected] or give our Customer Service Department a call at (888) 711-3297.

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