Metal Footman's Loop

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Series: BK662

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Product Description:

BK662 metal footman's loop.

BK662 metal footman's loop avlaiable in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, or 1.5 inch with nickle, stainless steel, black, or zinc finishes. Perfect for securing straping or cordage on luggage and cargo.

DirecTex specializes in custom manufactured components and subassemblies for your projects. Contact DirecTex to learn more about our custom component manufacturing.

  • Variations SKU Description Box Quantity MOQ
    BK662-0100-N Metal Footman's Loop (Nickel, 1") 2,000 Each 2,000 Each
    BK662-0200-N Metal Footman's Loop (Nickel, 2") 1,200 Each 1,200 Each
    BK662-0118-N Metal Footman's Loop (Nickel, 1-3/16") 1,200 Each 1,200 Each
    BK662-0050-N Metal Footman's Loop (Nickel, 1/2") 2,000 Each 2,000 Each
    BK662-0100-SS Metal Footman's Loop (Stainless Steel, 1") 1,200 Each 1,200 Each
    BK662-0200-SS Metal Footman's Loop (Stainless Steel, 2") 1,000 Each 1,000 Each
    BK662-0118-SS Metal Footman's Loop (Stainless Steel, 1-3/16") 1,200 Each 1,200 Each

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