Ballistic Fabric

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    Our Yaw Liamy line of Ballistic Fabric is used in a wide array of applications including tactical gear, holsters, luggage, duffel bags, safety vests, and safety jackets. Ballistic fabric is also a standard for office furniture, tool belts and heavy duty protective covers among other apparel and accessory goods.

    Available in a multitude of colors and special finishes, all of our fabrics can be treated with a variety of finishes and coatings for waterproofing, UV protection and fire resistance.

    Please remember swatches on website are representations of the material and clarity will vary with individual computer screen settings. Unique textures and finishes may not be apparent. Request a color swatch book for any of the fabrics you are interested in so you can be sure that the color, weight and hand is what you need for your specific application.

    It is the responsibility of the customer to evaluate the suitability of DirecTex products for their particular use. Customer assumes all risk and liability.

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